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Power Up! Life in the Spirit

In 2015, our camps will Power Up! As much effort as we put into charging phones, computers, and tablets, we must not forget that our lives also have a source of power. Jesus promises the Disciples that the Spirit will come to them and we can see the power of the Spirit throughout scripture. This summer, campers will look at how the Spirit has moved among God’s people in the past and how God is empowering them through the Spirit every day.

Themes of peace, power, courage and community will help campers claim this gift of God. Be realizing that we are Spirit filled people, campers will return home with a sense of call and conviction to live out their faith. Don’t miss a chance to dive in to the community of camp, spend some time with God in creation, and recharge your spiritual batteries as we explore, “Power Up! Life in the Spirit”


Waiting on updates from the Indiana Region and Barbee Christian Church Camp - January 12, 2016 

The Men’s Recharge is a time to come together in fellowship and understanding.  Camp is a place where men can grow together in faith and fellowship. It is a place to seek and find our Lord and the path he leads us to walk.  The freedom to openly discuss our faith and opinions is at the heart of our experience.  While we may have different points of view, the Recharge is founded on understanding and our common commitment to Christ’s love and teachings.


More information and registration at Indiana Chrisitan (Men's Retreat).

Intergenerational Camps

MAD camp is for campers who have completed grades 6-12 and who have talents or interests in the arts. MAD camp explores creative ways of using the arts in worship in a local church setting. Interest group topics range from clown ministry and cooking to dance and drama.


Camp culminates in a production for campers’ families to attend. If you want to explore the arts and worship, MAD camp is just the camp you’re looking for! 


More information and registration at Indiana Christian (MAD Camp).

Grandparent and Me Camps are for those who have completed K through grade 3 and an accompanying grandparent. Go to the page to learn more!


More Informtion and registration at Indiana Christian website.

The Region offers many camps for all ages:

--  New Beginning & Young Disciples

--  Chi Rho, Created to be Me, Christian Youth Fellowship

--  Cross and MAD

-- Grandparent and Me


For more information and registration see Indiana Christian Camps.