Christian Food Pantry

7 Chicago Street

Valparaiso (in the Asbury Center)

Hours:  Monday and Wednesday,

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon. 


NOTE: The first time someone comes,

they’ll need proof of residency; after that, they’ll need to touch base with the

township trustee. 

Food Pantry Updates

During December, the pantry provided 235 families (561 people) with food.  The pantry handed out 97 baskets to pantry clients (some of which were provided by the Valparaiso FOP). Turkeys or turkey breasts were provided by a local doctor and local contractor. 


Our next project will be bean soup kits to give out in February.  Cranberries, pumpkin pie kits, ham hocks and corn muffin mixes will go along with each soup kit.  Many clients look forward to getting these annual cold-weather items. 


Although numerous extra items have been donated by various groups as well as Strack & Van Til, many basic items are  always needed:

             baked beans, bathroom tissue,          mixed vegetables, peas,     canned pasta, and soups.

Various dried beans for the soup kits would also be appreciated.


As always, the scale to go by is: If you use it, a pantry client may need it also. If you have questions or would like to volunteer, call us!   


       Nan, Sharon & Anne     


January 2016
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