Church Constitution & By-laws review 

In 2016, we've begun a review of the Churchs Constitution and By-laws.  As drafts sections are completed, they will be posted here for reveiw and comment.


Comments:  Written comments only, please.  Please email Chris Light at or provided written comments thourgh the church office (use the Treasurers mailbox in the office).


Team Members:  Mickey Koehler, Carol Kuznicki, John Springsteen, Mary Yelton.


Constitution & By-laws


This is the draft proposal from the Constitution and the By-laws.  There are numerous gramatical, and formating changes.  There are several significant changes in the representation of Deacons on the Church Council, the election of Church, rather than council officers, and the required minimum number of Elders and Deacons.

For a detailed list of the changes, see the item to the right on this page.

Summary of Changes
Summary of Changes


The attached document identifies over 90% of the changes made to the Constitution.  Most changes are gramatical.  Those changes that are more significant have been identified and the discussion amongst the Review Team identified.

Open Forum
Open Forum on the Constitution


When:     November 6, 2016 (tentative)

Where:    Faith Connection Ctr

Purpose:  To listen to the concerns of the congregation and to identify those areas of the proposed consitution that need to be revised.  The review team will attend and listen to the comments. 

Intent:  The intent of this meeting is to hear the concerns of the membership and to clarify alternatives that would rectify those concerns. 

Follow-thru:  The team will take all the comments made and discuss the changes that will best address those concerns.   The final product will then be presented to the Church Council for Approval.

Note: to Council - the open forum is the appropriate time to make known your individual concerns.  We do not intend that the council consume it's meeting time in a detailed discussion of the language in the text.