Drop-off and Reach Out!


Year round collection

We are one of 18 battery bucket locations in Valparaiso. You can drop off all of your household batteries. Non-household batteries need be dropped off at a recycling event. i.e., automobile (lead-acid) batteries!

Batteries are accepted during normal office hours

Free the Girls: Everyday Abolitionist


Year Round collection

“Human Trafficking” is the modern term for slaves. It is estimated there are 30 million people enslaved worldwide, 80% of them are women and children.


A new outreach project for First Christian Church was born. DCC (Duneland Community Church) in Chesterton is a packing site for Free the Girls. It was decided that FCC will become the first Valparaiso drop-off center. We will collect donations of gently used bras.   

     A “packing party” will be held on Saturday, June 11, 10-1:00 at DCC.


Jeff Brown, owner of   “Two Men and a Truck” here in Valpo,  is promoting the “Movers for Moms” cause by asking for donations of the following:  liquid hand soap; disinfectant wipes; spray disinfectants; notebooks, markers, two-pocket folders, loose-leaf paper; diapers (4,5,6); hair brushes; used cell phones; board games; & new socks, kids & adult sizes.


All items collected will be picked up and delivered to  The Caring Place for use by mothers with children staying at the shelter.  There will be a receptacle by the office to accept your donations.

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