Food Resources Bank

Fifteen years ago an idea came to life: Foods Resource Bank, a Christian response to world hunger.  The anniversary of this event occurred at Lincoln, NE, August 6-8 at an annual board meeting and member gathering. We celebrated the fact that over one million individuals had been helped to become food secure, the result of FRB! This security was made possible by the provision of education, crop diversity, seed, equipment, and livestock. 


FRB does not provide emergency food for consumption but rather the ability for communities to become food secure with pride and dignity. 


The present plan is for FRB to reach the second million individuals seeking food security in one half the time taken to reach the first million; that is to say, seven years.  This is a goal those presently involved believe is doable, though it requires financial as well as administrative growth. Part of one day was spent hearing from visiting participants in existing FRB programs in Africa, Central America, and Palestine regarding the program’s success.  Our church has participated in FRB, particularly through Week of Compassion, for thirteen years. 

Our participation is likely our greatest program of world outreach. I have been privileged to visit several programs in other countries, and I am proud of our church and its partnering role in the task of removing hunger from many vulnerable people we will never know or see. 

The current estimate for the end of acute hunger in the world is the year 2030.  I pray this is true and that we may be part of this achievement.  Surely God will smile.                       


        George Armstrong, FCC Council President and Our FRB Representative