Gifts you can give to God's mission.

There are many ways to participate in the church and to serve in reaching and helping those in our community.

Ministry of Membership/Evangelism
Ministry of Facilities Maintenance
Ministry of Education

a.   Serve on the Evangelism Servant Group   

b.   Serve on the Membership Servant Group

c.    Lead a special event or retreat

d.   Participate in a special event or retreat

e.   Deliver welcome packages to visitors

f.    Welcome new members into our church family

g.   Call on our homebound, hospitalized, or nursing home friends, be part of a visitation team

h.   Help with food preparation for fellowship dinners, funeral dinners, pastor’s class, etc.

i.    Serve on the God Squad (help members move, build handicap ramps, paint, when needed)

j.   Help with the church’s public relations

k.  Help staff our Welcome Station

l.   Promote camp and/or denominational events

a.    Serve on the Facilities Servant Group

b.    Help maintain/improve FCC’s facilities

c.    Generally handy          

d.    Painting

e.    Plumbing

f.     Carpentry

g.    Landscape Care

h.    Electrician

i.     Gardening

j.      Mechanic

k.    Heavy Lifting

l.     Room Setup

a.    Serve on the Education Servant Group

b.    Serve on the Youth Advisory Team (Y.A.T.)

c.    Teach a Christian Education Class (CE)

d.    Substitute teach a Christian Education class        

e.    Assist with Youth Programs (grades 6-12);

f.     Help with Children’s Programs (Children’s Worship, Vacation Bible School, etc.)

g.    Assist in the church library

h.    Help in the Church Nursery

i.     Mentor new baptism candidates

j.      Help with a Bible study

Ministry of Worship

a.  Serve on the Worship Servant Group

b.  Be part of spiritual events at Pilgrims’ Rest

c.  Participate in Chancel Choir

d.  Occasionally play a musical instrument.

e.  Serve as a greeter on Sunday mornings

f.   Serve as a Scripture reader

g.  Prepare communion

h.  Train as a light and sound technician

i.   Help with sanctuary decorations

j.   Assist with prep for early outdoor worship

k.  Be one of 2 or 3 speakers at a Laity Sunday service

l.   Join Sunday evening prayer group

m.  Help with theme planning

Ministry of Outreach

a.    Serve on the Outreach Servant Group

b.    Assist at Christian Food Pantry

c.    Help with Foods Resource Bank

d.    Participate in pledge walks

e.    Help FCC host Open Arms homeless women

Ministry of Stewardship

a.  Serve on the Finance & Stewardship Servant Group

b.  Assist with Stewardship Campaign 

c.  Assist with church fundraising (rummage sale, E-bay sales, etc.)

d.  Work on strategic and long-range planning

e.  Help with new funds (Timothy, Endowments)

Fellowship Groups

a.  I’d like to be sponsored to attend the Great Banquet

b.  Take part in Christian Men’s Fellowship activities

c.  Take part in Christian Women’s Fellowship activities

d.  Take part in mixed men’s/women’s activities

e.  Help with church bazaar (women and men needed)      

f.   Be part of small group dinners

Ministry of Prayer

a.     Be a part of our email prayer chain

b.     Intentionally pray for our church & ministries

c.     Intentionally pray as you feel led

d.     Be part of a prayer group

Ministry of Presence

a.    As often as possible, I will try to be present for worship and as many other FCC events as are appropriate for me.