Ministerial Musings

A monthly inspiration from Rev. Dave Kovalow-St. John.

(August 2015)

A “fatwah” is a spiritually instructive opinion, usually given to answer a question about religious law.  When asked for the greatest commandment, Jesus issued a fatwah: “Love God with every fiber of your being and love your neighbor as you love yourself.” As you can see in the previous article, our guys are going to try to take his admonition seriously — even if our neighbor is Muslim!

It won’t be easy, since we all know a few of those neighbors are trying to kill us! However, I’ve learned most Muslims value mercy — as an attribute of God and a trait to desire — above all else.  Also, they revere Jesus as a great prophet and truth-speaker. 

Of course, they don’t accept him as Savior, nor see him as God incarnate; so we aren’t going to agree on some things that are vital.  Still, I feel that — with understanding — most of us (sorry ISIS, probably not you) can live together as God’s children.