This is our most important ministry, and it can be done in a small group or nursing home bed just as easily as in the sanctuary!.


  • Pray for athe faithfulness and health of our members (and for yourself!);

  • Pray for our church leaders;

  • Pray for the sick;

  • Pray for our denomination;

  • Pray for other denominatoins;

  • Pray for those who don't know Christ;

  • Pray for the community;

  • Pray for the wider world;

  • Pray to praise God;

  • Pray by speaking, by being silent, and by listening.



National Day of Prayer

Scout Prayer Breakfast

The Boy Scout Prayer Breakfast on the National Day of Prayer is local Scouting’s way of honoring religious traditions and practices.  Proceeds from the event go directly to support local Boy Scouting across Porter County, including support for camp facilities which can be in danger of closing down without ample financial support from the community.