The members, of First Christian Church will strive to --


 - - - Welcome all               - - - Encourage and Nurture Spiritual Growth               - - - Act as the Hands and Feet of our lord.


The church is the people.
Church Leadership

The Church Council is responsible for the business of the Congregation and for the planning coordination, resourcing, evaluation, and implementation of the work and activities of the Congregation.


Trustees shall act as legal agents for all related matters at the direction of the Church Council.


Elders primarily shall be responsible for the spiritual life, of the Congregation, and preside at the Lord’s Table.


The Diaconate shall assist in the growth of the Congregation.

Gifts Needed

Communion Needs                                             for 2016


    Would you be willing to come in once a week for a month to prepare communion trays? (It takes  about 20 minutes.) A sign-up sheet is in the narthex and all 12 months in the new year still need to be covered. There are posted, easy-to-follow instructions in the communion kitchen; and Terry & Kathy will happily guide you if you’ve never done it before. (All we ask is:  no fighting over who gets to volunteer first

The pantry provides food for 400 - 700 people a month.  In the summer, “Kids Kits” are given out to supplement meals lost during school summer break.  In 2015, 284 kits given out. 


The pantry staff shelves, packs and prepares family distribution bundles with the contribution recieved.  Staples include; pork ‘n’ beans, bathroom tissue, canned veggies, peanut butter, and cereal.

Our Mission calls for us to FOLLOW Christ, ENCOURAGE others to seek and find his grace, and to ACT as his ‘hands and feet’ in this world.  Ministry Teams are an outward expression of these three Mission to our community and the world. 


  FOLLOW            - Worship and Witness

ENCOURAGE     - Membership and Mission

      ACT                 - Facilities and Finance


Worship and Witness  - Worship, in cooperation with our elders and ministers, oversees the worship life of our church. 


Membership and Mission - Membership nurtures our members and encourages active participation in the congregation thorugh service to the church community and to the greater community at large.


Facilities and Finance - Facilities and Finance insures the integrity of our physical property and the financial ability to continue the our service in meeting the needs of the Lord's people.